Just a huge addition to my studio - almighty Tape&Microsound Music Machine by Make Noise.

Another SOMA gear arrived to my studio - Lyra-8.

Needed to tame my audio inputs… so I got Tascam LM-8ST Line Mixer.

Hurray… I can do some proper field recording now - Zoom H5 acquired.

I’ve up upgraded my studio and went from 0 Moogs to 3.

My first album is out - Intergalactic Fungi Collection. Check it out! Also I resurrected my twitter account.

A new synth arrived - Twisted Electrons’ Blast Beats. Let’s have a fun!

Finally… another EP Too Yellow Horses has been released!

New EP Nonchalantly Calculated Particles is out!

New synth acquired: SOMA Pulsar-23!

Added: new video: Mt. sair.b + soundcloud profile.

New EP Acute Heterodox Muse has been released!

Got new studio monitors - Genelec 8030C. My ears are ready.

A new page was born among the patch cables.

A very nice gear arrived to my studio - EricaSynths Black System III.

Intergalactic Fungi Collection
Album Intergalactic Fungi Collection

The Intergalactic Fungi Collection is a very special place. It is a library of sorts, but instead of books, it houses a collection of fungi from all over the universe. The collection is open to the public, and anyone can come and browse the different fungi on display.

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Too Yellow Horses
Single Too Yellow Horses

The sun was setting and the sky was ablaze with colors. The horses in the field were a beautiful sight. But there was one horse that was different. Its coat was a strange yellow color. The other horses avoided it and it was always alone.

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Nonchalantly Calculated Particles
Single Nonchalantly Calculated Particles

When the world ended, it didn’t end with a bang. There was no bright light, no burning sensation. One moment everyone was going about their lives, and the next they were gone. The only thing that remained were the particles that made up their bodies, floating nonchalantly in the air.

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Acute Heterodox Muse
Single Acute Heterodox Muse

Muse had always been a bit of an outsider. She was never quite sure why, but she always felt like she didn’t quite fit in with the other muses. Maybe it was because she was always thinking outside the box, or maybe it was because she was just naturally rebellious. Either way, Muse always felt like she was swimming against the tide.

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Futuristic Pigtail Girl
Single Futuristic Pigtail Girl

I was walking through the city when I saw her. She was standing on the corner, wearing a bright pink dress and pigtails. Her eyes were wide and bright, and she had a big smile on her face. She looked like she was from another time.

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Binary Code Forbidden
Single Binary Code Forbidden

When the world ended, the survivors were left with nothing but their wits and the bits of technology that were left behind. One group of survivors found an old computer server and, using their knowledge of binary code, were able to access the internet. This gave them a huge advantage over the other groups, who were still trying to figure out how to use the technology.

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I’m Frohikey. A carbon-based creative being who loves to create mini universes full of weird things, surf the waves of imagination, create graphics and loves listening to and making music in my cozy home studio Droneplex under a moniker Amaurote.

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