Binary Code Forbidden

Binary Code Forbidden

When the world ended, the survivors were left with nothing but their wits and the bits of technology that were left behind. One group of survivors found an old computer server and, using their knowledge of binary code, were able to access the internet. This gave them a huge advantage over the other groups, who were still trying to figure out how to use the technology.

The group with the server soon became the most powerful on the planet, and they decided to use their power to control the other groups. They declared that binary code was now forbidden and anyone caught using it would be punished.

The other groups were furious, but they didn’t know how to fight back. They didn’t have the same level of knowledge and they didn’t have access to the same resources. They were at a disadvantage and they knew it.

The group with the server became more and more tyrannical, and the other groups began to band together to try and overthrow them. They knew they had to act fast, before the group with the server became too powerful and before they lost their chance to take back the world.

Originally released at Minimal Resource Manipulation ‎label (MRMCDR10).